Meet Gregory

Gregory has dedicated his life to activism and the fight for social and economic justice for all.  He was born in Easley and grew up in Aiken, South Carolina as the youngest of five children of working-class parents. His father was a school teacher, who later taught GED math and social studies to incarcerated individuals in Aiken and Edgefield Counties. His mother was a full-time mother of five, who had put her college education on hold in order to raise Gregory and his siblings.

Gregory’s childhood experiences were deeply reflective of the vast economic inequalities that have plagued our society for decades. Living in a double-wide in Aiken, and attending a private Catholic school on the charity of his family’s church, he was acutely aware of life on the margins of wealth. Economic prosperity was always in view, but never in reach. At this early age, he learned all too well how our society punishes the poor.

As an adult, Gregory became an activist. He has organized and fought throughout South Carolina, and numerous other states, seeking to expand the power and the dignity of working people. This is the spirit and commitment that Gregory brings with him. He will never bow to the corporate and wealthy interests, who abuse us daily. He will not go to Washington to make nice with the establishment and the elite, because they do not have the slightest understanding of our lives, nor any concern for the breath in our lungs or the food in our stomachs. Gregory will go to Washington to demand the dignity and economic security that We the People are owed, and he will fight like hell to win it all! The time for excuses, if there ever was one, has long passed, and Gregory stands firm in our fight.